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A known history of alcohol consumption during the pregnancy aids in diagnosis but is not required for diagnosis of an FASD. Children with an FASD can have brain abnormalities that lead to problems in day-to-day functioning despite having a normal IQ, so a comprehensive evaluation is indicated.

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No one treatment is right for every child, as FASD and its constellation of symptoms differ from one child to another. FASDs need a medical home to provide, coordinate, and facilitate all the necessary medical, behavioral, social, and educational services. Treatment plans should be adaptable to the child's and family's needs, plus include close monitoring and follow-up.

FASDs last a lifetime. Research has shown that early identification and enrollment in treatment can significantly improve an affected child's development and life.

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Text Size. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Page Content. It describes people with the greatest alcohol effects, causing signs and symptoms so distinct that the diagnosis is based on special measurements and findings in each of the 3 following areas: Three specific facial abnormalities: smooth philtrum the area between nose and upper lip , thin upper lip, small palpebral fissures the horizontal eye openings Growth deficit lower than average height, weight or both Central nervous system CNS abnormalities structural, neurologic, functional, or a combination of these Partial fetal Alcohol Syndrome pFAS When a person does not meet the full diagnostic criteria for FAS but has a history of prenatal alcohol exposure and some of the facial abnormalities, as well as a growth problem or CNS abnormalities that person is considered to have partial FAS pFAS.

Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder ARND People with ARND do not have abnormal facial features or growth problems, but do have problems with how their brain and nervous system were formed as well as how they function.

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  8. These individuals may have: Intellectual disabilities Behavior or learning problems Nerve or brain abnormalities In particular, a federally convened committee that reviewed the science noted that these children are most likely to have problems with neurocognitive development, adaptive functioning, and or behavior regulation. Neurobehavioral Disorder Associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure ND-PAE In addition to confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure, these individuals have impairment of neurocognition, self-regulation, and adaptive functioning.

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