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Columbine Shooter Dylan Klebold's Mother to Hold 1st TV Interview

The teenagers killed 12 students and a teacher in the shooting rampage at Columbine High School in suburban Denver. Twenty-one people were injured before Klebold and Harris killed themselves. The parents have repeatedly declined to talk about the massacre.

They gave depositions in a lawsuit filed by families of the victims, but a judge in sealed them for 20 years after the lawsuit was settled out of court. And so in order to understand what he might have been thinking, I started to learn all I could about suicide.


In a statement with the essay, Oprah Winfrey wrote that Susan Klebold has turned down repeated interview requests but finally agreed to write an essay for O. Wondering why he was in such a hurry when he could have slept another 20 minutes, I poked my head out of the bedroom.

Much of the time I felt that I could not breathe, and I often wished that I would die. We heard a lot about Columbine last April, the year anniversary of the event. In his exhaustively researched book on the event, author Dave Cullen examined how the facts of what happened were so misrepresented and so misconstrued by the public that a set of myths arose that came to define the entire notion of disaffected adolescence, even if they had little to do with the event itself.

Dylan Klebold's Motives in the Columbine High School Shooting Essay

Despite countless rumors otherwise, their victims were random. But there was a reason the rumors gained such traction.

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Instead, we like to make sense of it all, to learn from mistakes, to erect memorials, observe anniversaries and offer up platitudes about finding peace. The ostensible reason for her article appearing now is that Nov.

Would you want to commemorate Nov. Or would you prefer she speak solely for herself, even if what she had to say offered no comfort because it fit no familiar idiom and offered no resolution? My guess is the latter.